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Why players like strategy games?

When it comes to mobile games, many players will be immersed in the world of strategy games, today, we will take a look at why so many players like strategy games, and what kind of “fun” we can get from strategy games.

strategy games
strategy games

Strategy games are games that emphasize long-term planning, analytics, and practiced thinking in order to achieve victory. A player's decisions are important in determining the outcome of the game, and players are required to weigh the potential impact of multiple decisions in order to win.

Even though there are several varieties of strategy games, they can be broadly divided into two groups: Abstract Strategy Games and Simulation Strategy Games.

Abstract strategy games are often thought of as games where the “theme” does not change the way the game is played. For example, you can apply some themes in chess; medieval battles, dynastic politics, or running a kingdom, but this does not change the way the game is played. Whether you consider your knights to be charging into or being used to destroy enemy supply lines, it does not change the way the pieces move.

In addition, abstract strategy games will tend to have perfect information, eliminating chance or randomness. Most two-player board games can be considered abstract strategy games.

Simulation Strategy Games are usually designed to depict a scene as accurately as possible. The subject matter of these games is important, and decisions are made to make the experience as true to life as possible. This does not mean that a simulation strategy game will always seek to make the game mimic real life, only that it will attempt to reflect it as realistically as possible.

A large number of modern video games, such as Hearts of Steel IV, can be considered simulation strategy games. There are also board games, such as Kriegsspiel, that would fit into this category.

People like strategy games because it allows them to engage, practice or hone their strategic thinking skills in a risk-free environment.

Being good at strategy requires being able to find the best strategy as quickly as possible and being able to adjust the best strategy based on variables such as changes in the environment. The players continue to make the best strategy and plan, further, promoting the game developers' continued pursuit of “perfection”. video games empowered game designers to make ever more complicated and nuanced decisions.

strategy games allowed the player to see more accurately how their decisions impacted the game via enhanced graphics. Most importantly it enabled the creation of the real-time strategy genre, which added a layer of stress to play.

Eventually, players are together in grand strategy games. These games could take days or months and pitted players against each other in challenging scenarios and bought us another step closer to simulating the realities of taking command.

Therefore, strategy games not only promote players in the game growing decision-making thinking skills, giving players an unprecedented sense of achievement but also in the strategy game to enhance thinking skills, used in real life, to help “thinking growth and decision-making”.


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