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Understand the power and acquisition path of Evony General Leo lll

was Byzantine and founder of the Isaurian dynasty. And in , Leo lll is a strong who can increase Main City when you put him on the Walls. This article will introduce the , , and of Leo lll first. And then, based on our experience, list as many ways to get Leo lll as possible.

The Story of Leo lll

In 717, Leo lll ascended the throne of Byzantine emperor. He put an end to the Twenty Years’ Anarchy, a period of great instability in the Byzantine Empire, and became the founder of the lsaurian dynasty. Under the of the Arab Empire with endless expansion, the Byzantine Empire entered an era of nightmare. In 716, 80,000 soldiers of the Arab Empire besieged Constantinople. Like many other emperors of the Byzantine Empire, Leo lll entered the and was promoted to the commander of the Anatolic Theme with military merit. After becoming emperor as Leo lll, he defeated the attacking army of the Arab Empire with the impenetrability of Constantinople’s walls and the use of Greek fire.
Leo lll successfully defended the Empire against the Arabs and completely drove them out of Anatolia.

The Special Skill Leo lll

Fire on the Sea – Increases in-city troops’ attack by 10%, and in-city machines’ attack by another 35% when the General is the .
As an , the star of Leo lll’s Special Skill will be increased with his ascending. Each star of Special Skill has its own attribute, and the details will be shown in the following picture.
[The Special Skill of Leo lll]

The Specialty (Max Level Attributes) of Leo lll

  • Assault – Siege Machine Attack and +10%
  • Ambush (Applied to Main City Defense General) – Trap Triggering Chance +20%, In-city Ranged and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Siege Machine Ares – Siege Machine Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Siege of Constantinople (Applied to Main City Defense General) – In-city and Siege Machine Attack +30%, In-city Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Defense +20%
[The Specialty of Leo lll]

The way to get Leo lll

Leo lll can not be recruited from Tavern. He can only be summoned by ’ order.

No.1 Limited

There are 5 Historic in each round of Limited Recruit, and the Historic Generals will refresh every round. Leo lll may appear in the General lists. You can just choose Leo lll and consume Orders to gain Leo lll General .

No.2 VIP Premium

When your VIP level reaches 23, 24, or 25, you can get 30 Historic General Fragments of Leo lll by purchasing the Premium Package.

No.3 Purchase

Purchasing the final tier of the packages, you will have a chance to get an Epic Historic General order which has a certain probability of getting Leo lll.

No.4 Wheel of Fortune

Turn to the Tavern in your city, and click the “Wheel of Fortune”. You can consume chips to spin, then you are possible to get the Epic Historic General order which can summon Leo lll potentially.

No.5 Auction House

You can use to Bid Epic Historic General (Premium) in the Auction House, which will have a chance to summon Leo lll.

As the continues to be updated, there may be special events to earn Leo III later on. We can expect Evony to open up more interesting events to give us more awesome generals.

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