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They are well aware that pursuing perfection would only leave them lagging behind competitors who rapidly progress through constant updates and innovations.
David Guo

David Guo was invited to share the experience of Top Games Inc.

Top Games Inc. is a game company that constantly strives for excellence, maintaining a competitive edge through continuous incremental improvements and revolutionary innovations. They are well aware that pursuing perfection

Top Games Inc. is currently one of the world's highest-grossing gaming companies,
Top Games

How Top Games Inc. is so good

Top Games Inc. is currently one of the world’s highest-grossing gaming companies, and their most famous game, ‘Evony: the King’s Return,’ is gaining popularity worldwide. Meanwhile, the company has also

Top Games

David Guo: From Gamer to CEO at Top Games Inc.

The electronic gaming industry has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While production and distribution disruptions arose due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, there was also a spike in

Top Games Inc. office
Top Games

Top Games Inc.’s Path to Success with ‘Evony’

Top Games Inc., the publisher of “Evony: The King’s Return,” has achieved remarkable success by focusing on excellence and innovation. The company’s culture revolves around empowering its team, making decisions

EVONY Generals
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Unpacking the Core Values of Evony by David Guo

If the year 2022 was a shocking year for Evony – The worldwide net revenue reached a staggering $385,751,902, a 1.5 times increase from 2021’s revenue of $221,676,485 – then,