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The Ultimate Guide to General Ascending in Evony

In Evony, Ascending a General significantly boosts their attributes and power. To streamline this process, the Evony team has introduced a new item, the Ascension Fragment, designed to facilitate faster and more efficient General enhancement. This article is crafted to guide you through the process of General Ascending, detailing the required steps, essential items, and how to acquire them effectively.
Evony General Ascending
Evony General Ascending

How to Ascend a General in Evony

According to the game rules, if you want to Ascend a General, you need to Enhance him/her to reach 5 Stars (golden stars). And then, continue clicking the Enhance, and you will enter the Ascending page. When you Ascend the General to reach 5 stars (red stars), the General will be awakened.

What are the necessities when General Ascending

Ascending a General needs corresponding General’s Fragments and Blood of Ares. And now Ascension Fragments can replace some General Fragments when you don’t have enough General Fragments. It should be noted that the specific General Fragments will be consumed first rather than Ascension Fragments when you Ascend a General.
Get Ascension Fragments from All-Star Shop
Get Ascension Fragments from All-Star Shop
Every 5 times Ascending unlocks a red star of the General and unlocks a star of the General’s Special Skill. And as the level of Ascending increases, so does the amount of General Fragments and Blood of Ares required.

The way to get General Fragments

  1. Claim the daily free General Fragment chest near the Gems

When you first log in every day, you will see a jumping chest on the left side of your Gem quantity bar in the upper right corner. Click on the Gem bar, you will enter the Store page, and see a small blinking chest on the page. Click on the chest to get a General Fragment. Evony will periodically swap out different General Fragments, but there is currently no pattern. The General Fragments that can be obtained in this way are random.
  1. Perfectly Dismiss General

This is the fastest way to get enough fragments, because each time you perfectly dismiss an Epic Historic General, you will get the corresponding General Fragments 30 pieces. And you can get the specific fragments of the General you want to ascend instead of random fragments.
  1. Open the Great General Chest in Tavern

You can open the Great General Chest in Tavern by the Key of Conscription. Do Daily Activity quests and reach 145 Daily Activity to earn the Key of Conscription. And you can also get the Key of Conscription from the Gold Monthly Card rewards on the Super Monthly Card page in Valuable Event.
You still can’t get specific General Fragments through this route.
General Fragments you can get in the Great General Chest include:
Martinus, Ulysses S. Grant, Prince Rhaegar, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Gwanggaeto the Great, Barbarossa, Isabella I, Sherman, Wei Qing, Li Jing, Himiko, George Dewey, Oleg of Novgorod, Honda Tadakatsu, John I of Portugal, Ban Chao, Askia Muhammad I, Queen Boudica, Arminius, James Bowie, Shajar al-Durr, and Mansa Musa.
  1. Relic Chamber

Use every 25 Slate Fragments to open a Relic Chamber on the Relic Page. You can select 3 rewards at first, and then use Brick Hammer to tap bricks to get treasures. After you get the 3 rewards you select, you can choose to leave the Chamber or not.
You will have a chance to get the Historic General Fragments of Roland, Winfield Scott, Kusunoki Masashige, Yi Sun-sin, Yue Fei, Vladimir the Great, Abd al-Rahman I, Elektra, Hannibal, and Suleiman the Magnificent.
  1. VIP Premium Package

Purchasing VIP Premium Package can also get General Fragments. And the details are shown in the table below.
VIP Level
Historic General Fragment
The number of the Fragment
2, 3, 4
Historic General Fragment (Baibars)
5, 6, 7
Historic General Fragment (Roland)
8, 9, 10
Historic General Fragment (Guan Yu)
11, 12, 13
Historic General Fragment (Leonidas I)
14, 15, 16
Historic General Fragment (Simeon the Great)
17, 18, 19
Historic General Fragment (Elise)
20, 21, 22
Historic General Fragment (George A. Custer)
23, 24, 25
Historic General Fragment (Leo III)
  1. Special Limited Events

Sometimes, Evony releases some irregular events. Please focus on every event in Evony.

The way to get Ascension Fragments

You can see the Ascension Fragment in the All-Star Shop after May 22nd. Use the Galaxy Coin to redeem it.
And you can receive the Galaxy Coins by reaching a certain ranking in the All-Star Battlefield, All-Star Elite Battlefield, and All-Star Junior Battlefield. (By the way, 150 Galaxy Coins can redeem Dragon Egg – Ladon.)

The way to get Blood of Ares

There are a lot of methods to get Blood of Ares in Evony. You can learn about Comprehensive Ways to Obtain Blood of Ares in Evony.

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