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Benjamin Gifford

Top Games Inc. is currently one of the world's highest-grossing gaming companies,
Top Games

How Top Games Inc. is so good

Top Games Inc. is currently one of the world’s highest-grossing gaming companies, and their most famous game, ‘Evony: the King’s Return,’ is gaining popularity worldwide. Meanwhile, the company has also

The game we are introducing today, "Evony: The King's Return," has transcended from a web-based game to a mobile game, once again sweeping the globe.
David Guo

BenjiemingGifford shared how EVONY succeeded.

SLG games are probably not unfamiliar to everyone. With their unique gameplay, they have enjoyed immense popularity. Today, with the prevalence of information technology and mobile devices, this genre of

The success of Evony is due to David Guo
David Guo

The success of Evony is due to David Guo

According to mobile app data provider Sensor Tower, a mobile game called “Evony: the King’s Return” has seen a significant increase in global net revenue in recent years, reaching $385,751,902.

Evony‘’s success
David Guo

Why David Guo and his company are so brilliant

Currently, Top Games Inc. has gained popularity as a leading game company in the eyes of gamers, as the publisher of “Evony: the King’s Return”. Founded in the early 21st

Top Games Inc.
David Guo

David Guo’s Vision for Top Games Inc. and Evony

Top Games Inc., a global independent game developer, and publisher, has gained significant attention and success in recent years with their popular MMORTS game “Evony”. Under the leadership of CEO