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Home Industry Important Trend in Gaming Industry: Metaverse

Important Trend in Gaming Industry: Metaverse

Many tech CEOs regard the metaverse as the next evolution of the internet. It’s why more and more companies from major tech players to top consumer brands are getting involved in the metaverse. Companies in all industries are experimenting with the metaverse since they hunt for new opportunities for growth and innovation. Game developers are also among these companies and have tried for a time, and metaverse indeed becomes the trend in the gaming industry. With more players spending time on games, companies are “following the customer” to meet their experience satisfaction. More and more people wonder how game developers will lead the charge into the metaverse.
But the problem is that the metaverse is a moving target. The metaverse is in its early stage. And though many companies have taken action, the metaverse is still vague and largely ill-defined. However, while the metaverse is still in its infancy, the gaming industry has been developing immersive digital worlds for years. Popular games like Roblox and Minecraft have tens of millions of active players daily. Nearly 40 percent of players between the ages of 10 and 20 played proto-metaverse games (games with metaverse-like elements) in 2021.
Even if it is specified in MMO strategy games, the metaverse is also a predictable trend. “We believe the metaverse contains innovative elements, which will only be improved with additional time and resources.” Recently popular strategy mobile game Evony: The King‘s Return’s developer Top Games Inc.’s production team thinks metaverse will lead to an even better VR experience.
Evony: The King‘s Return is a popular MMO strategy mobile game, in which players can choose from seven civilizations and build their own kingdoms, developing their troops and forming alliances to resist enemies. An interactive puzzle feature including thousands of puzzles is also another vital part of this war-strategy game.
It can be imagined that in the future metaverse strategy game world, things in the real world will be digitally replicated. People can do all kinds of things in the virtual world that they want to do but cannot do in real life. With the support of the metaverse, players will feel as if they are traveling in the game and are in a realistic immersive 3D city. Metaverse will surely bring players a more immersive and realistic gaming experience, and also start a new era in the gaming industry.
Predictably, strategy games like Evony: The King‘s Return and the developers behind them will catch up with the metaverse trend and provide players with a better gaming experience.

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