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How to Enhance your Generals by Ascending in Evony

As mentioned earlier in How to Get the Medal Quickly in Evony, Medals can be consumed to increase the General’s Star. So can the reinforcement of the general go further? Some time ago, Evony added Ascending function, which can greatly improve the generals’ attributes, and we will introduce General Ascending in detail in this article.
General Oda Oichi Ascend success
General Oda Oichi Ascend success
Go to the “Recruit” in Tavern and click “Portaits”, and then you will see some red frame Generals. These Generals can be awakened by Ascending.
The entrance of Portraits
The entrance of Portraits

The process of Ascending

  1. Click “Enhance”, and upgrade the General’s Star to 5 Stars.
  2. Click “Enhance” again, and you can see Ascending interface.
Example - Oda Oichi Ascending
Example – Oda Oichi Ascending
For each Acsending, the general will improve one Stage. The first four stages will improve one attribute in each Stage, and the last Stage will improve the Star of the Special Skill (which consumes more materials than the first four stages). After 5 stages, a red Star is directly increased. Rise full 5 red star, can awaken the Historic Epic General.
Example - The Details of Isabella I Ascending
Example – The Details of Isabella I Ascending

How to get Ascending materials

General Ascending requires the corresponding Historic General Fragment and Blood of Ares to be consumed.

No.1 How to get Historic General Fragment

  1. Perfectly Dismiss General
Need to collect relevant Generals, and then use Gem for a perfect dismissal.
Perfectly Dismiss a General
Perfectly Dismiss a General
  1. Great General Chest
  2. Relics
The specific methods of obtaining Historic General fragments through Great General Chest and Relics were also discussed in Generals Quality and How to Get Generals in Evony, so we won’t repeat them here. The next important point is to get Blood of Ares, another material for Ascending.

No.2 Blood of Ares

  1. Server War
In Server War, you can earn Blood of Ares if you reach the required scores and rank in the top 10.
  1. Festival Event Packages Purchase
  2. Special Event random drawing
Evony will release special events from time to time, such as Princess Kaguya and Limited Recruit Events, which recently ended. In these special events, there is a high probability of getting a lot of Blood of Ares.
  1. All-Star Battle
You can get Blood of Ares by ranking in the top 400 in All-Star, with a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 1500.
  1. Monster Killing
  • Defeat Lv22-32 common monsters
  • Defeat Lv12 or above Bosses (Kamaitachi, Fafnir, Behemoth, Phoenix, Jormungandr, Typhon)
  • Defeat Festival Event Bosses
Killing Monsters can get up to 3 Blood of Ares per day.
The Festival Event Bosses that can drop Blood of Ares are as follows.
  • Lv3 Lava Turtles, Lv4 Lava Turtles, Lv5 Lava Turtles
  • Lv3 Warlord, Lv4 Warlord, Lv5 Warlord
  • Lv3 Golem, Lv4 Golem, Lv5 Golem
  • Lv3 Witch, Lv4 Witch, Lv5 Witch
  • Lv3 Ymir, Lv4 Ymir, Lv5 Ymir
  • Senior Nian, Legendary Nian, Epic Nian
  • Senior Hydra, Legendary Hydra, Epic Hydra
  • Junior Knight Bayard, Senior Bayar Knight, Excellent Bayar Knight
  • Junior Cerberus, Medium Cerberus, Senior Cerberus
Defeat Lv22-32 common monsters which include Invader, Barbarian, and Bloody Gladiator will get 1 Blood of Ares per monster.
  1. Relic Exploration
Explore Mysterious Relic can get up to 2 Blood of Ares per day.
You can unlock relics using Rare Treasure Map and Epic Treasure Map. Each relic has a certain amount of time in existence and will be activated whenever a troop is sent to it. As a result, no second site can be opened during the existence of this relic. Once a relic is turned on, you can view the “Possible Rewards” and see how far the relic is from the main city. If there is no reward you expect or the distance is too far, you can just abandon the relic and open another one instead of sending troops to explore it.
While exploring your own unlocked relics, you can explore other players unlocked relics at the same time. If a relic is opened by your allies, it can be explored directly. If a relic is opened by non-allies, it can be attacked.
  1. Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Event
During the event time, you have a chance to consume the Wishing Coin to get the dwarf’s delicious pies, and use the pies to visit the Mysterious Witch to get rewards.The rewards include 3 Blood of Ares.
  1. Daily Activity
Get 145 Daily Activity can receive 1 Blood of Ares.
  1. Resource Gathering
Gather Lv.13 or above Resource Spots can get up to 1 Blood of Ara per day.

Ascending will be of great help to the improvement of generals’ attributes, and the most important significance is reflected in the promotion of generals’ Special Skills. The Special Skill attributes of each star are superimposed, so improving the star of the Special Skill through Ascending will greatly increase the general’s overall ability.

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