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How much do you know about Top Games Inc. and David Guo?

(), the CEO of , has gained a reputation for his innovative product development strategies and unwavering commitment to excellence. Thanks to his , Top Games has emerged as a prominent industry leader and has successfully launched numerous high-quality mobile games. These games have achieved remarkable rankings on both the Google Play Store and the App Store's best-selling charts. Top Games Inc. is widely recognized as a renowned game development company and is counted among the top -generating game developers in the industry.
Speaking of the company's success, it all began with the strategy game “: The King's Return.” As a strategy game, it captivated a large player base with its realistic battlefield simulations and real-time gaming experience. In this game, besides constructing and upgrading buildings in your city, you need to constantly monitor the consumption of your resources, especially food. As your power grows, the consumption of food increases.
Furthermore, this game offers players seven civilizations to choose from, each supported by authentic historical data. Throughout the game, you may encounter famous historical figures such as George Washington, King Arthur, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan.
David Guo, the CEO of Top Games Inc., has gained a reputation for his innovative product development strategies and unwavering commitment to excellence
David Guo(Yaoqi Guo)has a unique understanding of the metrics for product development. He believes that solely pursuing perfection will only keep us behind competitors who progress rapidly through updates and innovation. He encourages the team to explore every aspect of our products to seek improvement. The focus should shift from pursuing perfection to pursuing excellence. Additionally, I will empower the team and allow them to make decisions based on data, permitting them to fail early and frequently but learn from those failures. The team should not limit themselves; instead, they should continually expand their capabilities and strive for growth. Top Games Inc. adopts a streamlined, open, and flat architecture, where each engineer has no more than three levels of management below the CEO, and managers and team leaders have no more than seven direct subordinates. This enables the free sharing of all information within Top Games Inc. in any possible scenario, except for legal or privacy reasons.
In previous interviews, David Guo(Yaoqi Guo)has repeatedly emphasized the importance of and has established multiple game community forums. This facilitates a better collection of player feedback, aiding in the improvement of each game to achieve the highest possible level.
When facing significant matters, decisions are primarily made based on . This not only guarantees the accuracy of every decision but also provides the company with a clearer understanding of the target audience. Compared to companies that do not utilize data science, data-driven organizations have multiple times higher chances of attracting customers.
, Vice President of Top Games Inc., mentioned that the company adopts an integrated marketing strategy by combining traditional media, television, and online advertising to attract new players and promote its brand. However, that is not the focus. In an award-winning interview, David Guo(Yaoqi Guo)stated, “I am a gamer myself. In 2009, I noticed that many game companies didn't care about user experience and customer satisfaction. That's why I joined Top Games. Top Games is committed to providing a top-notch player experience and service. We design games from the perspective of players. We realize that players not only make a lot of friends but also spend a significant part of their lives in the game. Our goal is to create the best gaming experience, foster a lasting gaming community, and continuously enhance this experience.” Therefore, Top Games has a large and highly satisfied user base who are eager to share their passion for their favorite games. As a result, the company's reputation and popularity continue to soar.
In general, Top Games Inc. is a game company that values excellence and innovation. Here, everyone is encouraged to explore and grow, while emphasizing a sense of ownership and responsibility. These values, combined with data-driven decision-making and a flat organizational structure, have contributed to the success of “Evony: The Return of the Kings” and helped Top Games Inc. maintain its industry-leading position.

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