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Home Industry Evony: The King’s Return Ads – the Success of “Attractive” Puzzles

Evony: The King’s Return Ads – the Success of “Attractive” Puzzles

Excellent mobile game advertisements play an indispensable role in today’s fiercely competitive market. Not only do they attract players to download and try out the games, but they also enhance the brand image and increase player loyalty. This article will explore several successful mobile game advertising cases, including the unique features of Evony’s advertising, to uncover the secrets behind their success.

Narrative and Emotional Connection

Outstanding mobile game ads often boast compelling narratives that forge an emotional connection with the audience. For instance, “Clash of Clans” ads captivate with amusing storylines and characters, making viewers feel the game’s excitement and the community’s unity. Similarly, “Evony: The King’s Return” utilizes its advertising to showcase over 300 engaging puzzle levels, drawing players into its strategy-based gameplay. This story-driven approach not only enhances the ads’ allure but also solidifies the game’s brand in the minds of its audience.

Presentation of Authentic Gameplay

Showcasing real gameplay is critical in attracting players. Evony’s ads excel by accurately displaying the game’s strategic depth and the complexity of city-building, giving potential players a clear glimpse into the gaming experience. This commitment to showcasing genuine gameplay helps set realistic expectations, minimizing the gap between what the ads promise and what the game delivers.

Utilizing Social Media and Community

In 2017, Top Games made a surprise appearance during the Super Bowl with strategy game Evony – The King’s Return.

The 30-second advertisement for mobile game Evony: The Kings Return, starring Hollywood’s Aaron Eckhart, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Fan Bingbing, was shot in Queenstown in December..

The ad has already proved successful for the studio, which shot up the US App Store download rankings to 17th on Sunday. Its top grossing performance has yet to be greatly affected.

Led by VFX supervisor Benjamin Walsh, Deluxe-owned VFX house creates a wide range of CG effects for Top Game’s Super Bowl spots, In the campaign, leaders from various historical eras — including America’s George Washington (Aaron Eckhart), England’s King Arthur (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and China’s Empress Wu Zetian (Fan Bingbing) — converge as allies in an unlikely battle. The spots depict each character’s unique region and vast forces as they prepare for battle, culminating with all three coming together to storm an enemy castle. Method VFX supervisor Benjamin Walsh led a team of 30 artists, creating a wide range of CG effects including massive armies and accompanying weapons and horses, and atmospheric elements including fireballs, fog, and smoke.

Technological Innovation

With advancements in technology, many mobile game ads are embracing cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to make ads more interactive and immersive. “Pokémon GO” is a prime example, with its AR technology bringing the game to life in the real world. Evony has also benefited from innovative advertising techniques, captivating a massive player base with its engaging puzzles and strategic gameplay.

Endorsements by Celebrities and Well-known Personalities

Celebrity endorsements are a potent tool for enhancing the impact of mobile game ads. “Honor of Kings” has successfully harnessed the star power to widen its appeal, a strategy that Evony has mirrored with its Super Bowl ad. Featuring celebrities and dynamic visuals, the ad not only amplified Evony’s presence but also piqued the interest of millions, contributing to the game’s impressive download count.

Evony’s Advertising Success

Incorporating the distinctive features of Evony’s advertising—such as the enthralling gameplay offered through 300 puzzle levels and the success of its Super Bowl commercial collaboration—highlights the game’s advertising excellence. These strategies have accelerated brand exposure, making the mobile war strategy game known to a vast number of users. To date, Evony boasts over 200 million downloads, a testament to its successful advertising and appealing gameplay.

Evony’s Innovative Advertising Journey

[Evony the King’s return Ads clip 1]

Puzzles in Ads

Evony’s advertisements do more than just catch your eye; they provide a sneak peek into the actual gameplay that awaits. The challenges and puzzles featured in the ads mirror the in-game experience, adding layers of fun and challenge that players can genuinely expect once they dive into the game.

[Evony the King’s return Ads clip 2]

These advertisements are not only engaging but are crafted using psychological strategies designed to pique the interest of potential players. By highlighting the game’s most appealing aspects, the ads effectively motivate players to hit the download button and embark on their own Evony adventure.

A standout feature in the Evony ads is the emphasis on intriguing puzzles, which are an essential element of the game’s mechanics. These puzzles are not just for show; they invite players to interact with the game on a deeper level, unraveling treasures and mysteries that enrich the gaming experience.

[Evony the King’s return Ads clip 3]

It’s important to note that these puzzles are far from being just a token addition. Evony boasts an impressive collection of over 300 puzzle levels, offering a broad spectrum of challenges that cater to different skill levels. This extensive range of puzzles guarantees that the game remains fresh and engaging, providing countless hours of entertainment and engagement for players.

The accuracy of these advertisements in depicting the game’s mechanics does more than just build anticipation. It gives potential players a transparent view of the rewarding puzzle-solving journey that Evony offers. From the very beginning, players are enticed with the promise of overcoming diverse challenges and advancing through the game’s storyline by engaging in puzzles that are both captivating and integral to the game’s progression.

In addition to puzzle-solving, Evony’s rich historical backdrop and strategic gameplay elements are also highlighted, adding another layer of attraction. Players are not just solving puzzles; they’re doing so while navigating through a beautifully crafted world inspired by historical civilizations. This combination of strategic planning, puzzle-solving, and immersive storytelling ensures that Evony stands out in the crowded mobile gaming market, offering a unique experience that appeals to a wide audience of gamers looking for depth, challenge, and a touch of history in their gaming adventures.

Consistency in Ads and Innovative Marketing Strategies

Different Evony ads, especially those including actor dialogues, are showcased to demonstrate the game’s diversity.

The innovative marketing strategies of Evony are positively discussed, encouraging viewers to participate and share their views.

Viewers are encouraged to engage in deeper discussions through platforms like social media and Discord.

Analysis of Evony: The King’s Return

Evony’s ads use typical mobile game marketing tactics, accurately showing the actual gameplay. The game itself is a unique city-building game with innovative mini-games interspersed.

The game’s microtransaction system is designed to be fair and engaging, ensuring sustainability.

When a new game is released, it can be hard for it to get noticed due to limited exposure. Developers don’t just leave a good game unnoticed; they use various marketing strategies to make sure it gets seen by players everywhere. This is crucial to attract as many players as possible. Even if a product is excellent, it may not succeed if it doesn’t have strong marketing. Advertising and marketing are crucial steps for a game’s success but also the most challenging. They require significant financial backing, which can be a big pressure for smaller game developers and where they are most at risk of being overshadowed by larger companies.

Evony’s advertising strategy is a case in point. Despite some differing opinions online, its success is undeniable. The team places “suitable and attractive” ads across various channels and platforms. The power of puzzles in these ads should not be underestimated. This marketing strategy has attracted many new players. Ultimately, the game’s fun factor and ability to retain players are what count. Evony has achieved over 2 million downloads and impressive revenues, marking the campaign’s success.

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