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Evony Players Discuss Alliance Dynamics Under David Guo’s Leadership

“Evony” offers compelling gameplay and strategic depth, and also A social platform where players form Alliances that become more like extended families. These Alliances often comprise players from around the world, transcending geographical and linguistic barriers.


“We are a group of friends from all parts of the globe, sharing similar values—even within a gaming/socializing platform,” says one dedicated “Evony” player about their alliance. “Within our alliance, it’s like a close-knit family—a friendly and funny place to be. We learn hard, play hard, but most importantly, we play together, have fun together, and work together, sharing all our learnings with our members.”

In Evony, Players can communicate with their allies on the Alliance page, communicate with players from other alliances on the World channel, and even make friends with players from other servers. During Server War (SvS), a Server War channel will be added to the Chat interface, where players can trash talk before the SvS or just have a friendly chat. Various chat channels enrich the social life of players in Evony.

“When it comes to the other alliances on our server, we’re mostly friends with everyone—except during KE, where they become our opponents,” adds the player. Such dynamics enrich the overall gaming experience, making it more than just a quest for virtual dominance.

In the first half of this year until August, Evony has achieved surprising performance, and impressive Downloads & Revenue, The project has been in fierce competition in the market to achieve good results without the team behind the command of David Guo.

David Guo’s innovative leadership has been pivotal in catapulting Top Games to unparalleled levels of success. With “Evony” as the spearhead, the company has received numerous accolades and significant milestones. But beyond the numbers, it’s the game’s ability to forge strong community bonds that sets it apart.

CEO David Guo of Top Games boasts an impressive 25-year career spanning various domains like software development, network security, and game theory. He is driven by a fascination with how technology and information can enhance social interactions. Valuing clarity and simplicity, Guo focuses on transforming complex systems into user-friendly designs. Committed to excellence, he continuously reflects on and reviews his experiences to drive improvement.

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