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Evony General Dragon Knight Martinus Special Skill

is the son of Raged King, the elder brother of Elektra and . He is known for his nobility and is related to the race. When he was a child, the little lonely prince Martinus often played around the foot of a giant dragon statue. Among the many statues standing like a forest in the Royal Museum, only this giant dragon deeply attracted the attention of the little prince. Late in the night, the little prince escaped the guardianship of the nanny and struggled to climb to the head of the sculpture, with a small sword prizing off a red dragon scale.

This is Martinus’s first touch of dragon scales, hard transparent cuticles wrapped in deep red, dragon scales as if there was magic so that he could not get tired of seeing them. And it ignited a young knight’s dream. Twenty years later, Martinus, who had won the Imperial Knight Contest. But all his reputations were less famous than his obsession with dragons. Only “Dragon Knight” was Martinus’s most desirable glory.

Before leaving the Royal city, Martinus went to the Dragon Statue he played with as a child. The young prince stroked the carved with dragon scales on his breastplate, and his eyes were firm: the greatest glory of the first dragon knight of the Empire for a hundred years must belong to me!

Epic Historic General Martinus


The Dragon Wakes — The of the mounted troops that are led by the General increases by 25%, and if the General brings any dragon, the mounted troops’ attack will additionally increase by 15%.

  • 1 Star — Attack +10%
  • 2 Star — Enemy In-city Wounded into Death rate +8%
  • 3 Star — When General is launching War, Rally Capacity +6%
  • 4 Star — Mounted Troop +35%
  • 5 Star — +5% and extra +20% with Dragon

(Max Level Effect)

  • Mounted Troop Assault — Mounted Troop Attack +10%, HP +10%
  • Strike — +10%, Marching Mounted Troop Attack +20%
  • Mounted Troop Ares — Mounted Troop Attack +10%, HP +10, +10%
  • Knight — When General brings any dragon Mounted Troop Attack +46%
Martinus’s Specialty

The Way to get this General

You can Martinus in Traven.

Recruit entrance in Tavern]
Recruit entrance in Tavern]

Martinus is a really strong Mounted General and is a cost-effective General for players who would not like to spend too much on games. In this case, we recommend this General for leading Mounted Troops.

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