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To understand and get Evony’s new Duty General Jiang Ziya

Jiang Ziya is a political thinker and military strategist who helped kings Wen and Wu of Zhou overthrow Shang in ancient China. Evony put Jiang Ziya in the game as a historic Epic General who can bring strong buffs to Monarch when he was a specific Duty General. This article will help players to know his Story, Special Skill, Specialty, and the methods to receive him in Evony.

Jiang Ziya

The Story of Jiang Ziya

In 1046 BC, Wu of Zhou and his strategist Jiang Ziya led a 50,000-strong Zhou army to an unlikely victory over King Di Xin of Shang’s much larger force, comprising 530,000 soldiers and 170,000 slaves, at the Battle of Muye. Jiang Ziya spearheaded the attack, drawing Shang troops to the southwest with only 100 men, while King Wu swiftly encircled the capital. Di Xin’s reliance on untrained slaves and widespread defections among his ranks led to Zhou’s capture of the capital. Following the defeat, Di Xin perished in a fire he set in his palace. This marked the beginning of the Zhou dynasty’s reign over China, with King Wu and his successors at the helm. Jiang Ziya, serving as the prime minister to both King Wen and King Wu, earned the title “master of strategy” for his pivotal role in this historic conquest.

The Special Skill

Six Secret Teachings
Increases ground troops’ attack by 10% and ground troops’ defense and HP by 15% when the General is the Barracks Officer.
As an Awakened General, the star of his Special Skill will be increased with his Ascending. Each star of Special Skill has its own attribute, and the details will be shown in the following picture.
The Special Skill of Jiang Ziya
The Special Skill

The Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  1. Ground Troop Defense: Ground Troop HP and Defense +10%
  2. Formation: Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +10%
  3. Sage (Applied to Barracks Officer): Ground Troop Training Speed and Training Capacity +20%
  4. Battle of Muya (Applied to Barracks Officer): Ground Troop Training Speed +30%; Ground Troop Attack and Defense +15%
The Specialty of Jiang Ziya
The Specialty

The way to get Jiang Ziya

You can get this General from King’s Party Event during Evony Happy Spring Festival Event. When you increase your Party Cake experience to level 10, you will gain him. Purchase basic Gems to increase the experience of the Party Cake.
Get Jiang Ziya from King's Party Event
King’s Party Event

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