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Different from Normal RPG? Why is MMORPG so Popular

Recently there is a hot topic about a new game genre——MMORPG. With some MMORPGs like more and more popular, many players might be curious about the difference between MMORPGs. Now just we need to explain what MMORPG and RPG are first.
RPG is actually the abbreviation for “role-playing game”. There are a few factors that RPGs have: Roleplaying, surely is key here – you take over a fictional character. A good RPG will involve you traveling to a fully fleshed-out world to become engaged and immersed in.
MMORPG mainly stands for “massively multiplayer online role-playing game”. “Massive multiplayer” means that you are accompanied on your journey by many other live players, and “online” means you are all linked together and able to communicate with others via the internet.

Difference between MMORPG and RPG

RPGs can be multiplayer actually, but an MMO is on a larger scale, hence the “massively” bit. So all MMORPGs are RPGs, but not all RPGs are MMORPGs. It depends on the scale. For something like Torchlight, which is a multiplayer RPG instead of an MMORPG, since the number of other players you'll interact with is bounded – likely you and a few friends. As to MMORPGs like : The King's Return, it's a much bigger scale. thousands of players can be in the same location at the same time, interacting with each other.
The other aspect that often differentiates MMORPG and RPG is persistence: MMOs tend to be always on and it doesn't matter if you're active in the game or not, the game is still running on some servers somewhere all the time, waiting for you to log in and interact. Whereas regular multiplayer games lack this persistence.

Which is better MMORPG or RPG?

Both MMORPG and RPG usually have a story. Normally the depth and strength of the story tend to be better in single-player RPGs. Besides, normally the game world can change in response to a player's choices more effectively in a single RPG, which is unavailable in an MMORPG because everyone is sharing the same world. However, there are some excellent MMORPGs containing elaborate storylines and plots that can provide players with more personal experience.
Just take Evony: The King's Return for example, in this game, players can choose from seven civilizations and build their own kingdoms freely. During the process, they need to solve hundreds of puzzles and form their armies. Historical characters and their related storylines are well-organized and sophisticated. Players will be drowned in an engaging world and spend a nice time in the fantasy world.
Meanwhile, MMORPG has persistence and can provide a broad world for a large scale of players to share their experiences. Through a multi-lingual system, Evony: The King's Return allows players from all over the world to interact with each other to explore the world and fight against the bosses together.
Since MMORPGs have so many advantages, no wonder recently many MMORPGs like Evony: The King's Return become increasingly popular. Maybe it's time to try such a rising genre, isn't it?

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