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BenjiemingGifford shared how EVONY succeeded.

SLG games are probably not unfamiliar to everyone. With their unique gameplay, they have enjoyed immense popularity. Today, with the prevalence of information technology and mobile devices, this genre of games has reached new heights. The game we are introducing today, “Evony: The King’s Return,” has transcended from a web-based game to
a mobile game, once again sweeping the globe. In an interview, benjiemingGifford unveiled the secrets to its success.

The game we are introducing today, "Evony: The King's Return," has transcended from a web-based game to a mobile game, once again sweeping the globe.

The Glorious Journey of “Evony: The King’s Return

“Evony: The King’s Return” was originally a browser-based game, but it was later reissued with an updated mobile version in 2016. Since its release, Evony has been gaining popularity steadily. In order to expand its market and reach more users, in 2017, Top Games Inc. invested a huge sum of money and hired renowned directors and actors from the industry to shoot a product advertisement, which aired during the Super Bowl. The ad featured stunning scenes and a tense atmosphere that captivated every viewer, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. The advertisement made it into the top ten ads of the Super Bowl. Furthermore, the mobile game received numerous awards, including the NXY Award, among others, last year.

The team behind the success

The success of “Evony: The King’s Return” was inevitable, and it is closely tied to the company behind it. Top Games Inc., as the development company behind this game, played a crucial role in leading “Evony” to success. During an interview, CEO David Guo of Top Games Inc. shared how his team guided the game toward success. Guo had immense trust in his team, considering each employee as a creator of great ideas. He encouraged team members to explore various aspects of the business and work towards improving it. Similar to the process of sculpting, it was a gradual process of carving and polishing until it became a beautiful piece of art.
In an interview, David Guo stated, “Having new ideas and creativity alone is not sufficient for a product to attain such success. I myself am a player, and I understand the relationship between games and players very well. To draw an analogy, a product is like a complex machine that requires fuel to function, and players are the crucial fuel. We closely pay attention to players’ ideas, establish a gaming community to refine the product, and enhance player engagement to ensure the game’s sustainable operation. Just like how we integrated casual puzzle games into ‘Evony,’ players’ ideas also contribute to the long-term development of the product.”

Benjamin Gifford believed that great ideas can come from anyone,

Benjamin Gifford has been working in the gaming industry for over a decade, with extensive experience in game development and marketing. As the Vice President and Chief Developer of “Evony,” Benjamin holds multiple roles involving game design, marketing, and business strategy. When issues arise, Benjamin forms a Tiger Team to solve problems and devise solutions. For aspiring game developers and marketing professionals, Benjamin advises focusing on the end users and taking prompt and accountable actions when problems arise. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on impact and addressing the most critical issues, pursuing excellence rather than perfection.
According to Benjamin, Top Games sets itself apart by prioritizing excellence rather than perfection or trying to be everything for everyone. The company utilizes data science to overcome personal biases and concentrates on content that can have the greatest impact on players. Benjamin stresses that ambitious game developers and marketing experts should prioritize users, speed, and responsibility to achieve an excellent product.

Top Games Inc.

At Top Games Inc., employees are granted a certain degree of autonomy, which facilitates their ability to make data-driven decisions and allows them to fail early and often, learning from those failures. The team should not restrict themselves but constantly strive to expand their capabilities and strive for growth. Top Games adopts a streamlined, open, and flat structure, where each engineer has no more than three levels of management above them, and managers or team leaders have no more than seven direct subordinates. This enables the free sharing of information across all top games, except for legal or privacy reasons.
Top Games has created a culture in which every member has a sense of ownership and acts in the best interests of the company’s values. Everyone is responsible for doing the right thing and ensuring the team’s goals and values are upheld. By providing the team with as much information as possible, supporting their decisions, and empowering them, Top Games hopes the team will proactively identify and solve problems. Benjamin stated, “The Top Games team is our greatest asset, so we invest heavily, which has also helped us achieve record profits.”
Today, Top Games Inc. has become one of the highest-grossing game companies globally, with its most famous game, “Evony: the King’s Return,” still maintaining its popularity worldwide. Meanwhile, the company has not stopped there and has recently launched other high-quality games such as “Mafia Origins” and “Plague Z,” offering players an enjoyable experience in the strategy and simulation genre.

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