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A Step-by-Step Guide to Flexible Specialty in Evony

To level up your game in Evony, understanding the “Specialty” and “Flexible Specialty” systems is a must. These features empower your Generals and make your troops formidable. This guide walks you through everything you need to know.

learning Specialty and Flexible Specialty in Evony
learning Specialty and Flexible Specialty in Evony

Unlocking General Specialty: The Basics

First things first, the General Specialty feature only becomes available when your general hits Level 25. Every general comes equipped with four original specialties. These specialties are tiered into five stages: Veteran, Master, Expert, Grandmaster, and Genius. Unlocking the fourth specialty requires maxing out the first three to the Genius stage.

To advance each specialty, you’ll need to invest in Gems and various types of Runestones. To speed up the process, consider using Lucky Stones; they can up your chances of doubling your EXP by as much as 90%.

Exploring the New: Flexible Specialty

Once you’ve maxed out the first three specialties, the Flexible Specialty option becomes available. This feature offers five qualities: green, blue, purple, orange, and golden. Each quality consists of 20 levels, with one star unlocking at each maximum level. The overall level cap for each Flexible Specialty is 100.

Upgrading the Flexible Specialty also requires different types of Runestones. When a quality hits Level 20, you need to perform a quality promotion. This consumes ten of the same Flexible Specialty’s fragments, which can be acquired by dismantling the same Flexible Specialty.

Flexible Specialty adds both Basic and Quality Attributes. Basic attributes improve as you level up, while Quality Attributes enhance buff effects when you promote the quality.

The attributes of Flexible Specialty
The attributes of Flexible Specialty
There are 9 types of Flexible Specialty, and their attribute directions are in the following table.

Flexible Specialty Name
Basic Attribute & Quality Attribute Direction
Piercing Arrows
Ranged Troop
Precision Arrows
Heavy Legions
Ground Troop
Breaker Legions
Forceful Cavalry
Mounted Troop
Guerilla Cavalry
Siege Ballista
Siege Machine
Battering Ballista
Iron Curtain
In City Troop

Types of Flexible Specialties

Evony offers nine different kinds of Flexible Specialties. These range from specialties that improve ranged troops, like Piercing Arrows, to those focused on siege machines, such as Siege Ballista.

Scoring Lucky Stones: Two Ways

  1. Engage in PvP: Server War and Battlefield are your primary sources for Lucky Stones. You trigger the Lucky Favor effect when defeating an enemy, granting you Lucky Stones if both sides’ troop power loss exceeds 35 million. You can trigger this up to 10 times a day.
  2. Through the General Hall: Unlock the “Meritocrat” in General Hall I at Art Hall Level 34. After collecting certain generals, you’ll earn various rewards, including Lucky Stones.

Acquiring Flexible Specialty: Your Paths

  1. Visit Ancient Babylon: During the Heavenly Fire Ceremony, a trip to “The Hanging Gardens” can reward you with a Flexible Specialty Box. Accumulate Guardian Stamps to access the garden.
  2. Star Goddess’ Box Event: You have the chance to score a Flexible Specialty Box x3 during this event. Consume 6,556 keys, and you can sweep all the rewards!

In summary, mastering the Specialty and Flexible Specialty systems is key to optimizing your generals’ capabilities and dominating in Evony. With a thorough understanding of each feature, you’ll be well-equipped to rise through the ranks and crush your foes.

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