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Quick Prestige Boost for Rank Ranking in Evony

Get Prestige in Evony

Rank Ranking in Evony is crucial for enhancing Buffs like Training, Healing, March Speeds, General and Subordinate Cities Capacities, March Size, and Trap Building Speed. To earn Rank Ranking titles and these benefits, you must increase your Prestige. As we know from How to increase your Rank Ranking in Evony, Offering in Shrine and killing … Read more

Spotlight on Evony’s honors led by David Guo in 2022

Top Games

This year, the hit MMORTS Game Evony has received impressive titles and honors, The game’s development team leader David Guo revealed that last year’s downloads reached more than 62 million, with annual revenue of more than $220 million. Top Games Inc Announces Record-Breaking Sales for April The developer and publisher company Top Games Inc. has … Read more