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Equip Blazon on Your Troop to be Stronger in Evony

Blazon in Evony

The blazon is Evony‘s new troop equipment that can be worn on Ground Troops, Ranged Troops, Mounted Troops, and Siege machines. It can provide excellent buffs to your troops and will keep you invincible in battle.    [Blazon in Evony] Blazon classification and attributes Blazons can be classified into eight categories based on their names: … Read more

Epic Historic General James Bowie in Evony

Evony Epic Historic General - James Bowie

General Story James Bowie was a 19th-century American pioneer, an American Frontier hero, and the designer of the Bowie knife, who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution. His stories as a warrior and pioneer have made him a legend in Texas history and a folk hero in American culture. James Bowie’s tough character … Read more

Different from Normal RPG? Why is MMORPG so Popular

Evony-The-King’s- Return

Recently there is a hot topic about a new game genre——MMORPG. With some MMORPGs like Evony: The King’s Return more and more popular, many players might be curious about the difference between MMORPGs. Now just we need to explain what MMORPG and RPG are first. RPG is actually the abbreviation for “role-playing game”. There are … Read more